Air Conditioning Service | Platinum Vauxhall

Air Con Service, What’s Involved:

The Service includes reclaiming your old refrigerant and some of the Air con oil from the vehicles A/C system.
Once empty the system is then put under a vacuum to check for leaks and to remove any moisture within the pipes.
It is kept under vacuum for several minutes before being refilled with the manufacturer’s recommended amount of R134a refrigerant and the same amount of A/C Oil + 10cc that was extracted with the refrigerant.
It is recommended that your Air conditioning system is used a minimum of once a week throughout the year to keep the oil circulating around the system thus reducing the risk of a leak from a dry seal or pipe.
If the level of R134a refrigerant is found to be lower than we would expect to be contained in the system during the service and only if we are unable to detect any leaks, We will add an Ultra Violet Dye into the system whilst regassing it to aid future leak detection - which could save you money by reducing diagnostic time if you were to experience any further A/C problems. (This will incur and additional charge of £9.99 including Vat.)
If your vehicle is presented to our dealership with its Air con system not working and we establish that a leak is the cause of the failure, by law we are unable to refill the system until it is rectified, we will of course provide an estimate for the repair before any further work is carried out.

Terms and Conditions

*This Air Conditioning Service offer for £59 is for R134a refrigerant systems only.